Shows for Festivals, Weddings and Corporate Events


All New Show *Men's Fancy Feather/Women's Fancy Shawl* 

Tribal Vision Dance offers several different types of shows.  For Festivals and Special Events we can bring either a large group of champion dancers and singers or something smaller to fit your events needs.

We are able to customize something from 5 minutes up to two hours in length depending on what works for your schedule.

We can do audience participation dances.  We are also available to travel to just about anywhere.

We can bring a full drum group to enrich the experience.

Or individual singers.  It is your choice.  

We are also able to do presentations in either powwow or Haudenosaunee style dancing and singing.  We could also do a combination of both.

Contact us for pricing and availability.  We would love to be a part of your event!