Dancing and Singing Workshops

Workshop Program

Our Dance and Singing workshops are very interactive, the students spend the 60 minutes singing and dancing with us.  We can accommodate a maximum of 50 participants per session.  The length of the workshops can be modified for what works for your schedule.

The students learn the basics to First Nations music and basic song structures as well as the purposes and meanings of the activities.  They have a great time while they are learning.

These workshops hit very specific Ontario curriculum expectations in the Arts as well as Health & Physical Education for both Elementary and Secondary levels.

The workshops are geared to the age and the abilities of the participants.

Contact us for availability and pricing.  We would love to come to your School or Organization.


Curriculum Expectation:

The Arts - Elementary
-Creating and Presenting
-Reflecting, Responding and Analyzing
-Exploring Forms and Cultural Contexts

The Arts - Secondary
-The Creative Process
-Choreography and Composition
-Dance Techniques

Health & Physical Education - Elementary
-Active Participation
-Movement Skills & Concepts
-Relationship & Social Skills
-Communication Skills Verbal and Non-Verbal

Health & Physical Education - Secondary
-Active Living
-Living Skills