Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Revenant

I finally saw the Revenant the other day.  I have been looking forward to this movie for a while as the hype in Native communities has been strong.  It has been alllll over my social media for weeks.  Even though the story is not a Native story about Native people, the way Natives were depicted made me quite happy.  

One thing I really enjoyed was that this movie clearly displayed the differences in the world views of Native and Non-native peoples.  This could have easily portrayed Natives as evil for pursuing and killing the settlers.  Ta-da! the perfect villain.  It didn't go that route.  

This movie was able to really show the motivation of the Native people which was family and the return of a loved one. As well as the motivation of the settlers which was money or property.  Maybe that money or property was meant to take care of their families but that is something we will never know. That was not explored.  To me that created a perfect villain as all we saw was the beginnings of capitalism here on Turtle Island.  

Even the bear had a clear motivation for doing what she did.  Again, family.  

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