Friday, August 14, 2015

Mini TFO!

In June Tribal Vision Dance spent the day in the Mini TFO! Studios shooting some episodes featuring some powwow style dances.  We are pictured above with the host "Lexie".  Mini TFO is a french language program geared to kids aged 2-5.  

This is Buffy Shields.  She did the hair and makeup on the show for the host.  I truly wish that I had her do my face as she is wickedly talented.  You can check her out here to see some of her work.  You can also follow her instagram for some cool pics.  As we chatted through out the day I found out her family is also from Six Nations!  How cool is that?  What a small world.  

The show also has a wardrobe department.  I had a small rip in the zipper of my dress and the wardrobe master quickly sewed up the hole and I didn't even have to take the dress off.  Impressive.  

The set is teeny tiny so before each segment was shot they had to figure out exactly where everyone would stand and which rug squares could be used as the dance area.  We were able to shoot four segments that day.  You can check them out below.  

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