Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Canada Day Celebration in Vienna, Austria

We had the great honour of celebrating Canada Day at the Canadian Ambassador's Residence in Vienna, Austria this year.  They put on a wonderful evening of music, food and entertainment.

Vienna is the City of Music and you could find something great to listen to pretty much anywhere.  

We were able to do a ton of sightseeing.  This is the last picture we could take before entering Schonbrunn Palace.  

We went on quite the nature hike to get to the medieval castle which was just a short 30 minute train ride outside of the city.  The hike though was more like 45 minutes.  Well worth it!  

We mastered the transit system and were able to get around the city with ease.  

During our stay we were able to check out Donauinselfest on Danube Island.  This is a huge free music festival.  We had a great time and on our way home we met this guy on the train.  We noticed his shirt right away and we just had to introduce ourselves.  

Most of our group are coffee drinkers.  The specialty coffee in Vienna is called "Melange" and it received the thumbs up from everyone.  

We all had such a great time.  We would like to thank Ambassador and Mrs Bailey for having us as their guests.  We had the trip of a lifetime.  We created an instagram hashtag #Anishinaustria as well as #6nayalldayallday.  Head on over there for more pictures.  

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