Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Festival of Giving

The Festival of Giving is Chatham's biggest charity event that raises money for Children's Treatment Foundation.  This year the theme was Wild Wild West and we were to do a short performance on the MainStage as well as perform in the "Western town" area.  

I was kind of dreading arriving at the event and seeing people dressed up in headdresses and Poca-hottie outfits.  I was so pleasantly surprised that this didn't happen and everyone was culturally sensitive.  Yaaaay.  

They had a mechanical bull that none of us tried out but one of real cowgirls did.  (She didn't last long).

They had some cool swag for the performers including this sweet hat that Derek scored.  

The place looked great and everyone really seemed to get into the spirit of the event.  The food was pretty fantastic, I mean they had a chocolate fountain.  Giddy up.  

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