Monday, January 5, 2015

Holiday Beadwork "Secret Santa"

I am in a group on Facebook that does a Secret Santa beadwork gift exchange.  I tried it last year and had a really great time.  When the chance to do it again came up I just had to do it again.

This is the gift that I received.  I love big earrings and I have always wanted a dentalium necklace.  I was pretty pumped to get this haul in the mail.  The way this is set up the person we receive a gift from is not the person we are beading for so I do not know who made my gift as the box got thrown out before I thought to go and look for a return address.

Because we don't know the people we are beading for personally it can be difficult to make something you think they would like.  We post a short blurb about ourselves and of course our SS can probably look through our pictures to see the kinds of things we wear and use.  I decided I really wanted to challenge myself and make something I have always wanted like a beaded cell phone case or a kick butt medallion.  

In the end I made a Haudenosaunee style raised beadwork cross body bag with hummingbird detail.  Making the strap ended up being the most difficult portion of the whole process.  I love the bag and now I think I might make myself one.  I can't wait for my SS to get their gift (it was sent to New Mexico) and I sincerely hope she likes and uses it.  

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