Thursday, January 8, 2015

Allenby PS - TDSB

We did a workshop this week at Allenby PS with some grade 3 students on Haudenosaunee social dancing.  At the end of the workshop the Teacher that brought us in let us know that we were in fact on the site of a Huron or Haudenosaunee settlement (the plaque says both).  All I could think was "We are still here, still practicing our culture".  As strange as the land looks now with all the development, We are still here.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Holiday Beadwork "Secret Santa"

I am in a group on Facebook that does a Secret Santa beadwork gift exchange.  I tried it last year and had a really great time.  When the chance to do it again came up I just had to do it again.

This is the gift that I received.  I love big earrings and I have always wanted a dentalium necklace.  I was pretty pumped to get this haul in the mail.  The way this is set up the person we receive a gift from is not the person we are beading for so I do not know who made my gift as the box got thrown out before I thought to go and look for a return address.

Because we don't know the people we are beading for personally it can be difficult to make something you think they would like.  We post a short blurb about ourselves and of course our SS can probably look through our pictures to see the kinds of things we wear and use.  I decided I really wanted to challenge myself and make something I have always wanted like a beaded cell phone case or a kick butt medallion.  

In the end I made a Haudenosaunee style raised beadwork cross body bag with hummingbird detail.  Making the strap ended up being the most difficult portion of the whole process.  I love the bag and now I think I might make myself one.  I can't wait for my SS to get their gift (it was sent to New Mexico) and I sincerely hope she likes and uses it.  

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Rochester Knighthawks Home Opener January 3, 2015

We were honoured to once again be asked to dance at the Home Opener for the 2014 NLL Champions The Rochester Knighthawks.    

The girls were so excited to be back at the Blue Cross Arena to watch the game.  They have managed to find the mascot and get their picture with him once every year for the past few years.  It just never gets old to them.  

I found this great picture of Ava on the Rochester Knighthawks Facebook page.  Although Rochester lost to the Toronto Rock 13 - 12 we look forward to exciting games and a fantastic season.