Friday, November 28, 2014

Ryan McMahon and the #6amsessions

I just finished watching the Ryan McMahon show live streamed on the #6amsessions which you can find at  If you want to know what is going on in contemporary Indigenous art then this is where you should be looking.  Just a short time ago the #6amsessions launched with a live stream all musical entertainment show.  

Watching Ryan's show tonight I was completely drawn into the stories he was telling and I could relate to so many of the situations he described.  It felt more like we were having a good visit then being at a comedy club, where the laughs almost feel forced.  Maybe it was because I was watching from home in my jammies on my couch but either way he actually had me laughing so hard I cried.  

At the end of the set Host Derek Miller sat with Ryan on the "dump couch" (set decoration on a very limited budget) and had a  discussion about Indigenous Legends and Heroes such as Gordon Tootoosis and Charlie Hill and so many others which led me to the Red Man Laughing podcast which I am now going to subscribe to.  Ryan's passion for leaving a legacy of Our Cultural Icons for future generations is just so inspiring.

I can't wait to see what 6 arrows media has planned next. The whole experience feels so unrestrained and unfiltered.  

The production value was top notch.  The studio that this is taped in Thru the Red Door, is based on the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory.  I even enjoyed watching the cute commercials for our local businesses.  

Recent Shows at TDSB schools

I thought I would share some snippets of our shows this week in Toronto.  It seems like a constant battle to try to keep current video and photos available.  

Quite often the youngest students aren't invited to our performances because of space issues in the schools.  Well this afternoon the Kindergarten teacher was able to squeeze her class into our performance.  We were happy to see them because their energy is amazing.

We look forward to visiting your school in the near future. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


We were at a public school in Toronto that had a strong First Nations focus today.  The staff and students were pretty awesome and made us feel right at home.

These little shawl dancers came to visit us as we packed up to leave the school.  They made me so happy.  Now these little girls were so nice to us that they shared their bear paw snacks with us.  That's what I call a good day.

Last week we visited a couple of different schools in the Waterloo Catholic District School Board.  We were surprised with this gift after our presentations.  That is the most thoughtful gift as the "Me to We" initiative is something we greatly support.  

We were given a cedar tree at one of the schools as well.  This was pretty amazing.  I really really hope I can keep it alive long enough to transplant it.  I feel like a cartoon character as I love plants so much but just cannot keep them alive.  

On the day we visited one of the Teachers happened to wear this shirt.  He made a point of coming to tell us that he didn't wear it on purpose but this led into a really interesting discussion around cultural appropriation which I sincerely hope he takes up with his class.  These types of discussions are exactly what we hope our presentations prompt with teachers in their classrooms.  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Craig Keilburger SS - Residency with Dance program students

I spent a week working with students in the dance program at Craig Keilburger SS in Milton.  I guided the students through coming up with their own choreography for this Fancy Shawl dance piece.  I am very proud of the students, they worked very hard.  The girls were sore in muscles they weren't used to using, especially the competitive dancers in class.  I was honoured to work with such a group of hard working, respectful, fun girls.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Where have we been lately?

These are photos from some recent things we have been up to.  Some of it as Tribal Vision, some of it as individual artists.  

Derek and I are part of the Ontario Arts Council's "Aboriginal Artists in Schools" program.  The pop cans above were made by students at a school in Cambridge to use as shakers or noise makers. They used them when we visited the school last month.  

Some of the group were asked to dance at the Dreamcatcher Gala this year at the Hamilton Convention Centre.  My photo shop skills are not good sadly.  

We were honoured to take part in the Opening Ceremonies for the 2015 Elite Boxing Championships in Mississauga ON.  

We are very supportive of our local arts scene and were thrilled to be invited to help out at the launch of the 6 Arrows Media "#6amsessions" project.    If you have a few minutes click through to their site and watch the show.  It was really good.  

We also took part in a flashmob at a Hockey game for Laurier Brant Aboriginal Students Association.  I really wish we had some photos or video because it was really fun.