Monday, August 25, 2014

Don't Just Talk About It

For the past few months I have been working on a short film project titled "Don't Just Talk About It". You can check out the Facebook page here.  Cher Obediah contacted me early in the spring to talk about the possibility of teaching her how to Powwow dance for this film and to be honest I was very very close to saying no.  But something about the project and the whole feel of the film, which is to push yourself and to get out of your comfort zone spoke to me.  We met every couple of weeks for several months to practice and in the end she chose the Fancy Shawl Dance, which is my favourite.  I promise I did not try to sway her, I let her try all the styles and decide what felt the most comfortable.    I think the hardest part to teach was the concept of being in the moment.  I understand that she had to make sure the film making aspect was working out as well but getting Cher to let go of that and just listen to the drum and move was by far her biggest hurdle.  In the end she did great.  When she danced with all the other Fancy Shawl dancers I hung back a bit so that I could also watch and she had the slightest smile the whole time...

Cher chose the New Credit Three Fires Homecoming Powwow to be where she danced for the first time.  They were really great and supportive of the project and of Cher.  I am sad that my part in the project is complete but I honestly can't wait to see the finished project.

For more information on Cher follow this link...

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  1. Indiegogo campaign now running for post production of Don't Just Talk About It. Check out the trailer and more fun stuff here... : D