Tuesday, June 17, 2014

ArtStarts Tour

We recently spent a week and a half touring schools in British Columbia with ArtStarts in Schools.  We had an amazing time and saw some really beautiful scenery.

Kristen has always wanted to go to BC so she was pretty excited to get to visit the Province and see what school is like in other parts of the Country.

Hey, let's check out the beautiful scenery...but first let me take a selfie.  

We did check out some interesting sights and Museums.  We travelled down to Seattle and went to see the EMP Museum.  Kristen found herself a part of the Scream exhibit in the gallery dedicated to horror movies.  

We also went on a self guided (not recommended) Twilight tour.  We had a 50/50 success rate as a few of the places that the films were shot were now torn down.  This school where some scenes were shot is still there and of course we had to get out and be total tourists.

By the end of our short but busy trip to the west coast, Kristen was ready to go back to being a student.  She just couldn't resist this awesome play set at our final school performance.  

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