Saturday, February 1, 2014

Powwow Fever

So we have hit the heart of winter and if your anything like me you are longing for summer and powwows.  I am quite lucky because I am at least able to dance and hear live music almost everyday through out the cold months and that definitely helps but nothing beats the real thing. 

This week we were in the home of the Tigers and even the mascot came out to our performance.  I have to give that person some real credit for sitting through the whole show in that costume.  It must have been stifling.  

As soon as we finished Jack Grunsky walked in and starting setting up.  We didn't get to stick around because we had to visit another school but it sure was cool to meet up with another Prologue artist.

Jacob came along with us on Thursday and Friday as he was off for exam week.  I have to say he made quite the impression on the young ladies at the Middle School we visited on Thursday.  He played it cool but I'm pretty sure that really made up for the 4am wake up time on Friday.  

Below I have posted some flyers to help with your powwow fever.  There is a Round Dance this evening in Toronto if you are in the area. 

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