Saturday, June 15, 2013

Brockville Tall Ships Festival

Yesterday we were invited to take part in welcoming the Tall Ships to Brockville, Ontario.  Students at  Thousand Islands Secondary School built a birch bark canoe which was used to paddle out to welcome the ships in to the port.  Derek and Leland sang some welcoming songs as the canoe was put in the water.  The ships fired their cannons and the whole experience was quite cool.

Tall Ships 1812 Tour

Chuck and Janet Commanda are pictured here with some of the students who built the canoe.  You can read about their experience here.

The above picture looks like the real life version of the Two Row Wampum.  I bet you didn't even see the canoe at first glance did you?  

When we pulled into Brockville we started to notice a common theme.  In most store windows and in a few lawns people were displaying a pirate flag.  It's going to be an interesting festival me thinks.  

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