Tuesday, March 5, 2013

TCDSB - St Gabriel Lalemant

As we start towards Scarborough we are very thankful for the H.O.V lanes.  As everyone knows about traffic at morning rush hour!! We arrive at the school and immediately meet Richard (custodian), he was an integral part of us being there, and us putting on a fantastic show.

Naomi, Richard, Brian
Richard made sure everything ran smooth, lighting was just right.  Also shared some stories.

Packed house, great energy! After our show we had 3 workshops which were so much fun!!!!

When the workshops are done we like to give the students opportunity to ask questions and some of these questions were the best of the year so far.

Thanks for a great day!!!!  Nia:wen Ko:wa   GO Stingers!!!!

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  1. Kwe'Thanks for the great presentation, we all enjoyed your visit and sharing of aboriginal culture and ways.................................