Friday, February 1, 2013

Rochester Knighthawks

We are one again a part of the dance group which is entertaining the fans at the opening of the home games for the Rochester Knighthawks.

The kids just love being able to go to the games and really look forward to this.  

We sit in an area where some season ticket holders sit.  We have since made friends with them and look to visiting with them.  They are big on the high fives when the Knighthawks score and Ava gets a huge kick out of that.  She is right in there with high fives all around.

I think of all the kids, Kristen is the most involved in the actual game and really following the action.  

Here's to another Championship Season!


  1. Your performance was awesome and the hoop dance was sooo kewel! It was my favourite and the singing was very strange but I loveeddss itttt!!! ok so thx for the performance u guys are awesome!!!

  2. your preformance was really good i loved it my favouite part was the hoop dance it wass sooooo good thank you for coming to our school