Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First Nations Dance Presentations

Derek loves having the opportunity to share our culture with people.  He believes that all cultures have beauty and the more we share with one another the better off we will all be.

When Adrian shares the story of the origins of the flute, the students always think it involves eagles or other majestic birds.  When they hear it is from the woodpecker it amuses them and hopefully makes them realize that we all have something to contribute no matter what other's perception is of us.

The hoop dance is a great way to demonstrate to students that we are all connected.  That we all need one another, not just the human race but all things.

Our smiles are genuine.  I can't imagine doing anything else.  Thank you for reading and for inviting us into your communities.  

This is what I should be doing during the downtime in our school visits.

This is what I am actually doing.... Tetris can be so addictive.

We received this drawing from a student recently after a presentation.  It's these little things that make our visits awesome. 

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