Monday, December 17, 2012

Windsor Essex Tour

Sharing our culture through song and dance, with the approach of celebrating our differences.  We believe that all cultures have very beautiful song and dances to them.  We love the interaction and energy of the audiences in our show, whether they be K-8 or  9-12.  Even College & University.

Being very versatile, we have had the pleasure of working in beautiful theatre's as well as school gyms.
Knowing that if your proud of your heritage you will more likely do well in your academics!!

Sharing our stories and helping dispel stereotypes, with beautiful dancing and amazing graphics on our multimedia screen.

Our Hoop dance puts all of our message's together, illustrates our message of Unity as well as our underlining anti-bulling message.

We are also starting to do may more Haudenosaunee Social dance workshops!  Which are great fun, with lots of opportunity to ask questions.

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