Monday, December 17, 2012

Windsor Essex Tour

Sharing our culture through song and dance, with the approach of celebrating our differences.  We believe that all cultures have very beautiful song and dances to them.  We love the interaction and energy of the audiences in our show, whether they be K-8 or  9-12.  Even College & University.

Being very versatile, we have had the pleasure of working in beautiful theatre's as well as school gyms.
Knowing that if your proud of your heritage you will more likely do well in your academics!!

Sharing our stories and helping dispel stereotypes, with beautiful dancing and amazing graphics on our multimedia screen.

Our Hoop dance puts all of our message's together, illustrates our message of Unity as well as our underlining anti-bulling message.

We are also starting to do may more Haudenosaunee Social dance workshops!  Which are great fun, with lots of opportunity to ask questions.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Prince Edward Collegiate Institute

When we rolled into PECI early in the morning on Nov 30 we saw our name in lights and knew that this was going to be a good day.  The school has a pretty nice theatre that we used for the day.  We first did a workshop with the high school students and we were happy to see those same students back for our multimedia show later in the day.

The participation dances went real well.  Both students and staff were eager to get up and try some dancing with us.  

PECI sure knows how to treat you well, we had a lighting Tech and they bought us lunch.  The drive home was interesting as we had our first real snow of year.  Enjoy your last few weeks before the holiday break, I know we will and hopefully your school is one of the ones we are going to be visiting!

Rock Your Moccs Day

About a month ago someone started the National "Rock Your Moccs" Day.  It was something that I believe started on Facebook and quickly spread across the US and Canada.  Everyone was rocking their Moccasins that day to work, appointments, errands, the movies, etc.  I loved seeing all the picture posts people put up showing off their unique footwear.  It was so entertaining because moccasins are very individual so you didn't see the same pair twice.  Seeing all the different types of moccasins was also really cool from the pucker toe eastern woodland style to the fully beaded plains style and everything in-between.  I look forward to this event again next year.  I heard quite a few non-native people were also getting in on the action with their Minnetonka's and other store bought brands and I thought that was really awesome.  What a great way to start off Native American Heritage Month (USA).