Friday, November 16, 2012

Weather Network from Woodland Cultural Centre

Live from the Woodland Cultural centre "The Weather Network" sent Host Kevin Yarde to take care of the weather and also promote the "Warclubs & Wampum belts"Exhibit on now till Dec. 24.

Yes, Kevin is rocking a traditional Haudenosaunee ribbon shirt & contemporary moccasins.  Kevin was a very willing participant in a short stomp dance.  Since this was live we also had some down time to socialize.

Not sure what Kristen and Jen were chatting about but there is usually laughter to follow.   Ascension and Jacob also waiting to go back on.  They are probably talking about the up coming UFC 154 - St Pierre vs Condit.

Being in front of the camera is nothing new to these guys. 

Janis & Naomi probably talking about work..... lol right?  Anyhow good times.  Janis Monture is the  Executive Director at Woodland Cultural Centre.

Lorrie Gallant is  the W.C.C Education Extension Officer, here she is showing off a corn husk doll she says looks like it could be me as an action figure lol.

The ladies demonstrated Esconye' which is our women's shuffle dance.  The guys took care of the singing, the melody is so catchy Kevin even tried joining in.  Kevin was a great sport,  lots of fun and just wanted try our dances! 

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