Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tom Thompson PS

We were at Tom Thomson school today to do a workshop with the grade 6 students.  The gym was used for the breakfast program just before we started so it smelled so yummy that when we left I had to have breakfast for lunch.

We danced at a wedding reception last month and the bride sent me some photos in an email.  I love being a part of people's special day.  Even if it is only a tiny part it is amazing being surrounded by so much happiness.

Yesterday we were in Trenton and I had tried to tape our performance with my playbook.  I didn't realize until the end that it had gotten bumped and taped a teacher watching the performance.  It was interesting watching her reactions but not something I can post because I'm pretty sure she wouldn't want that.  lol.  I will try again  to tape something I can post when I get a chance.  

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