Monday, September 10, 2012

Onion Lake Powwow 2012

Ava picked up some card tricks on our travels this summer and she loved trying them out on her big brother.  Camp life was very interesting because the kids had to find different ways to amuse themselves.  They very rarely saw TV and only got to play video games on their ipods when they were able to charge them.  

We liked this powwow for quite a few reasons.  We liked the size of the arbour and all the built in seating.  There was a little bit of rain so being able to just keep powwowing is awesome.

There were a lot of people camping at this powwow.  We got there on Thurs afternoon and thought we would have our pick of spots as the powwow didn't start until friday evening but we were wrong.  We did end up with a good spot but we were pretty surprised at the number of people already there. 

The only downside to arriving early was that the showers didn't open until saturday morning.  

The weather stayed pretty good.  Bad storms all around us but we did get to see this rainbow.

All in all I enjoyed this powwow however might I suggest putting some garbage cans out next year.  People will use them if they are available.  

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