Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Moraviantown Powwow 2012

We camped at Bucktown powwow this year even though it's fairly close to home for us.  We were still rushing to Grand Entry even though we never left the grounds.  I think maybe we were a little too relaxed.

The kids were pretty happy about the fireworks display.  I think I was most excited about the fact that they had a Senior Adults Division and I sincerely hope they keep it next year.

Thought that was Jake didn't ya?  Kristen and Jake are almost interchangeable.  

The switch dance is pretty popular at Bucktown.  I myself have only done it once or twice and I am just not into putting ALL that men's regalia on.  Their stuff is just too heavy.

I almost didn't realize they were boys in the fading light until I saw them walk.  Goodness.  

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