Friday, September 21, 2012

International Plowing Match 2012

While at the plowing match the local Mennonite community were raising a barn.  It was pretty interesting because they were explaining what they were doing as it went along.  

We were performing on different stages all over the grounds over the four days.  We really enjoyed our time there and the festival is still going on tomorrow so you should really go and check it out.

There was a tent that was full of vintage cars and trucks.  I was immediately drawn to this Isseta.  I think it was the colour.

Over at the mennonite area they had these tin cows that people could milk.  That was super cute.

There were at least two of these old steam engine tractors around.  They were amazing to see.  You might notice from this picture the chains hanging down near the front.  These are how the steering worked.  Cranking the steering wheel pulled or loosened the chains and turned the front wheels. Needless to say, they don't turn on a dime. 

There is also a rodeo going on.  We didn't get to go and watch at all which is a shame.  The weather just was not on our side this week.  There are a large number of vendor booths which I took advantage of on the first day.  My rain boots sprung a leak and I was able to replace them right on the grounds.

The Plowing Match was a much bigger event then I had envisioned.  People were shuttled to and from the parking lots in these tractor cage things.  Now if the people were sitting on hay bales it would have looked completely normal to me but having them standing all squished together looked really odd and I just had to take a pic.  


  1. As a mum, helping in my children's school for the IPM, I just love your show and wished that some kind event such as this was available when I was in school. Your presentation makes native studies come alive. I would recommend your business to any school or organization.

  2. Thank you so much. We are very happy that you enjoyed it. We truly love what we do.