Friday, September 28, 2012

WE DAY Toronto 2012

Amazing, Inspiring, Powerful, Empowering if you haven't been to a WE DAY,  It is a MUST!!

Our youth dancers did a great job performing with Nelly Furtado!

Nelly Furtado was so awesome! She just made everyone in our group feel like they were her best friend!

Tony Duncan and his crew The Yellow Bird Dancers also performed with Nelly, really nice, pleasure to work with!
 From right to left:           Winter, Tony, Beany, Jody

Since I wasn't performing I got to roam around a bit and happen to be lucky enough to get a picture with Spencer West. He only climbed Mount Kilimanjaro!!

The crew also had a chance to chat with our friend Karl Wolf and Jake! Last summer at a show Karl Wolf round danced with us! 

Just a candid pic of Nelly meeting Alaska, Ava & Kristen!

This picture makes me very proud of what can be accomplished with hard work and believing that you can do anything as long as you work hard n believe! 

Special thanks to the Organizers for inviting us! This day has changed all of us! 
Here is the link to the event check it out! 

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