Wednesday, August 8, 2012

North Battleford, Saskatchewan Powwow 2012

Sakicawasihk Pow Wow

I loved this powwow.  It was a mid-week which means it was Tues, Wed, Thurs.  It had a really relaxed feel and the weather was great.  

Talon was the Teen Boys Traditional Champion this year.

I think my only complaint was the mosquitos at night.  The kids kept bathing in the OFF spray and that smell is not my favourite.  On the second day they decided to throw out the points for the first day so we had to do 2 rounds of contest plus a fancy special contest so that was a bit rough on the legs.

Apparently this is the first time they held the powwow outdoors.  They had this really cool tent that we were under.  It kind of reminded me of the opera house in Australia from the outside.

We really knew we were on the prairies because of the tall grass.  They didn't cut it before the powwow so it was hard to see the kids footwork for their first round of contest.

The Teen Boys Fancy contest was really exciting to watch.  These boys jammed hard!

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