Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gateway to Nations Powwow Brooklyn NY

This was our first outdoor powwow of the year.  We look forward to this all winter, beading, sewing and getting in shape to compete.  The months flew by and we were barely ready.  We went to NY a day early to do a little sight seeing.  

We went to the Empire State Building and of course I forgot my camera and had to use the one on my phone.  This is why I only posted one pic.  None of the others were good enough to put up.  It was probably a good thing that I forgot it because it was so windy I could see myself dropping it over the edge.

There were more dancers than last year I think and the weather held out nicely through out the weekend.  The men's grass dance special contest was where I was able to get the best pictures.  

There were quite a few guys out to participate which made for a really exciting contest.

I was sad to see that the next powwow in the series "Liberty powwow" was cancelled but we are still looking forward and crossing our fingers that we will be able to make it to Bear Mountain on the First weekend in August.  

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