Monday, June 25, 2012

Festival Performances

The past week has been a blur of festival performances.  We have been quite busy and have had a blast.

I only had to hoop dance at the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs event in Toronto.  I was dancing first thing in the morning out front to let people know that there was going to be something going on that day.

On Sunday we were at Diversity Day in Milton ON.  Ascension opened up the day with the Thanksgiving address done in Mohawk.  He also took the time to explain to the people in English what he had just said.

On Saturday we were at the opening of the Mayor's Cup Cricket Match in Toronto.  We were also at Peel's Aboriginal Celebration in Brampton.  I wish I had some pictures at these events but I am not going to lie, it was so hot I honestly could only concentrate on the performances.  

On a personal note, our Jacob graduated from Grade 8 today.  He is ready to take on High School in the fall.  We are so proud of him.  

Check out our upcoming events page for powwow flyers and information.  

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Aboriginal Day - Solidarity Day - Chiefswood Park -

 Solidarity Day -  Chiefswood Park - All Fancy Show

For the last couple of years we have been fortunate enough to perform at Chiefswood Park.   Each time we change up our show.  This year it is all about the Fancy Dance's.  Mens & Woman's Fancy.  We have a very competitive crew, all Champion Fancy dancers!!  We all travel through out the summer competing at contest powwow's.  So when we do this show, we are all trying to out shine the other which makes for a great  show.

Providing Singing and Mc Duties - Adrian & Brian

Woman's Fancy Shawlers

Men's Fancy Bustles

Makes me proud to dance with my family, especially on my Home Rez!!!!!!

Luke did a great job with the camera today.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

National Gallery of Canada

Derek and Eric the interpreter at the Department of National Defense Gala at the National Gallery of Canada.  We felt he needed to wear one of Derek's shirts so that he fit in with us better. 

We have never performed here before so we were happy to note that floor is not slippery!  This is a big deal to dancers.  Falling in a performance is a definite mood killer.  

I missed the group shot because I was busy talking with a real nice lady on the staff at the Gallery.  I didn't even notice that they were getting a picture taken.  Oops.  I'm usually the one forcing the group to stand still for pics.  

When we first arrived and were unloading we met a Kiowa fellow.  I of course missed his name but as it turns out He and Adrian were born in the same hospital in Lawton, Oklahoma.  They were like 2 peas in a pod all talking southern native slang. 

The 401 was closed and we had re-route through a bunch of small picturesque towns along the way.  I was surprised that we only saw this one lone deer.  Usually where there is one, there are others.

St. Paul Elementary School

Derek's Grass dance moccasin to add to the "Still Life" in a previous post.

Derek and Adrian getting ready to play "Freeze Dance" - powwow style with the students.  Derek is usually pretty good but these students beat him out in the early rounds.

A group of students sharing what they have learned in the dance/sing workshop.

I wanted to say a special Nia:wen to Ms Green for all her help and attention to detail during our visit to St. Paul.  We couldn't have had an easier or more fun day!

Monday, June 11, 2012

National Aboriginal Day Celebrations

We will be taking part in several different National Aboriginal Day Celebrations in the coming weeks.  We will be at the Celebration sponsored by the Ontario Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs on June 20 in Toronto Ontario.  I will be hoop dancing at 8:30 in the morning and then again as part of the event at the St. Lawrence Lounge.  If you are in the area come and say hi!  

On June 21st we are in a school in Mississauga but as soon as we're done we will be racing home to take part in our communities celebration.  We are planning an all fancy dance show for this event.  It is always good to be home and to perform for your own families and community members, we are all looking forward to this!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Charles Beaudoin PS

Ascension danced the men's dances in our "Visions of Turtle Island" shows at Charles Beaudoin school today.  He did a great job and even when we were finished he wanted to hurry up and change and go back and dance with the students some more.  I had to tell him that school was over for the day and it was home time for everyone. 

If you read back through some of my blog posts you will see a common theme of school mascots posted.  I really liked this one today.  I just love that it is done right on the mats.  

Below I have posted my "moccasin life study".  Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gateway to Nations Powwow Brooklyn NY

This was our first outdoor powwow of the year.  We look forward to this all winter, beading, sewing and getting in shape to compete.  The months flew by and we were barely ready.  We went to NY a day early to do a little sight seeing.  

We went to the Empire State Building and of course I forgot my camera and had to use the one on my phone.  This is why I only posted one pic.  None of the others were good enough to put up.  It was probably a good thing that I forgot it because it was so windy I could see myself dropping it over the edge.

There were more dancers than last year I think and the weather held out nicely through out the weekend.  The men's grass dance special contest was where I was able to get the best pictures.  

There were quite a few guys out to participate which made for a really exciting contest.

I was sad to see that the next powwow in the series "Liberty powwow" was cancelled but we are still looking forward and crossing our fingers that we will be able to make it to Bear Mountain on the First weekend in August.