Saturday, May 26, 2012

Templemead PS

We visited Templemead PS in Hamilton ON yesterday.  This was one of the few school performances that Jenn has been able to participate in.  It was great to have her and Jake along.  After the show we had to head to Toronto to perform at a conference.  We got there early enough to visit the Eaton Centre.  I hadn't been there in years so I was surprised to see that it is starting to attract buskers dressed in character costumes.  We saw Spider man as well as a pretty darn good Mr. Spock.  If I had my camera with me at the time you can be sure I would have gotten a pic.

Below are some pictures from our Templemead school performance.  I love it when we get to use the stage in the newer schools.  I also love that it is usually only the students that know how to run the lights.  

Kristen took all these pictures during the show.  She is getting pretty good with the camera.  


  1. I attend Templemead Ps, I'm in grade 8 and I have to admit you guys were amazing! I loved your performance, very impressive and informative(:

    1. Thanks so much Kaitlyn. We are very happy that you enjoyed it.