Thursday, April 19, 2012

Powwow Trail - Highlights 2011

We have been very fortunate to be able to travel and see a variety of different sites.  Some of my fav pictures are from Powwowing in New York state, Redhawk American Indian Arts Council. After competing we take time to see the sites, here are a couple.

Being able to travel with the family and share these experiences are what the Powwow Trail is all about.

Yes, that's a real Police car.  Snooki probably got hauled away to jail in it.  We did visit Jersey Shore it has a great beach and lots of rides which is awesome reminds me a little of Santa Monica Pier.

But the Highlight was when we strayed from the powwow trail and did a Canada Day Festival Show in Ankara, Turkey. This pic is me taking a picture of this magnificent globe sphere light in a Mosque in Ankara.  The sheer grandeur of this place of worship is truly amazing!

 Here is another view of the Sphere.

And this is the outside of the Mosque, I know it looks fake lol but it truly is huge, probably as wide as a few city blocks!

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