Friday, March 2, 2012

Ta'Kaiya Blaney

At the Conestoga College Powwow last weekend I was a bit distracted when I thought that there were presentations being made and a break in the dancing.  So I missed this young lady being introduced and I missed the first few minutes of her talking about the song she was about to sing.  Something told me I needed to record it and so I jumped up and I have posted it below for you to see.

I am so happy to see this young girl using her talent to spread awareness about something that really means something to her.  I was very inspired and I hope that the youth in our community were inspired as well.  To see more about what she is doing you can surf on over to her website here.

On another note, the Aboriginal Awareness days are happening at York University with the powwow tomorrow.  I didn't get a poster from the powwow this year so I wasn't able to post it.

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