Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sacred Heart School in Batawa ON " Cultural Teaching of Visions of Turtle Island"

In this mural, we drew Turtle Island in the actual shape of a turtle shell, on the turtle shell you will find many pictures including an eagle, a feather, a plant, and two drawings of the native hoop dancer.  These illustrations represent North America as it is known today.  The floating figure in the sky is Sky woman.  Our motto is "knowledge is power, power is knowledge".  We think that knowing about other cultures will help us to understand the world around us especially our deteriorating environment.  We learn that we must care for the world around us.

Members of Algonquin House
We were sent this amazing mural today.  A few weeks ago we visited Sacred Heart in Batawa ON and they took what we did as an inspiration for this Mural.  This is so beautiful and we are touched.  We feel that the good energy that the students give us during our presentations and their enthusiasm to interact with us is a like a gift they are giving us so this Mural blows us away.

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