Friday, February 17, 2012

Niagara Catholic French School Presentations

Culture & Heritage,  being at these French Speaking schools has been a great experience!  I feel very proud to show off our Native Culture, in essence showing that being proud of your background is cool.  We really appreciate all of these students for  embracing their culture by being able to speak their French language!  This is very encouraging because I see the same thing on our Rez with our Mohawk & Cayuga language schools, it starts with our youth.  Be proud of who you are!

This was the logo of the last school we did on our tour this week.  Just thought I would add to our collection of cool artwork.  This is at Saint Francois.  

This eagle mural is pretty amazing.  Have an amazing Family day, whether your doing something elaborate or just relaxing with your family.  

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  1. I loved your presentation at our school :) It was great :D