Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rochester Knighthawks

So our family was asked to come and dance at the Home Opener of the Knighthawks.  We and a few other fancy dancers did a real quick dance to start things off.  The kids had such an amazing time that I'm pretty sure we will be back.  Sadly, the Knighthawks lost to the Buffalo Bandits but the energy was incredible.  The Blue Cross Arena was packed.

I want to thank everyone involved that had us out because that was such a great experience.  I am so grateful for these wonderful opportunities to share with the kids.  If you have never been to a NLL game you should know that the pace is very fast and the fans are very dedicated.  I love that there is music playing throughout the game.  You as a fan are always engaged.  So come check out a game or look for one on Sportsnet.  In all honesty you won't be disappointed.

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