Thursday, January 26, 2012

Halton Teachers P.A Day - Good

Tuesday we had the opportunity to work with some teachers and educators from Halton!  We enjoyed our time with them,  our Sing/Dance workshops are very informative as well as fun.  I think the teachers enjoyed the singing, I really think they sounded fantastic, choir like!  We like to break down some stereotypes in a fun way,  we always get a laugh out how silly these really are.  The teachers were lucky they only had to sing cause if we had some more time they would have had to cut-a-rug!  These Teacher's workshops really give us, and them some great ideas to help the students learn.  In summary if you give the students an opportunity, it doesn't take much for them to get right into an activity the wouldn't normally do.  We are always learning and growing as students of life.  Which leads me into this link New Text Books by Good Minds & Pearson publishing  These two books featured on this link is a must have!!!!!
I really wish we had these when I was in school!!! I have both of these and I am learning more and more each day!! Thanks so much Mr. Jeff Burnham  Keep up the amazing work!

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