Monday, December 17, 2012

Windsor Essex Tour

Sharing our culture through song and dance, with the approach of celebrating our differences.  We believe that all cultures have very beautiful song and dances to them.  We love the interaction and energy of the audiences in our show, whether they be K-8 or  9-12.  Even College & University.

Being very versatile, we have had the pleasure of working in beautiful theatre's as well as school gyms.
Knowing that if your proud of your heritage you will more likely do well in your academics!!

Sharing our stories and helping dispel stereotypes, with beautiful dancing and amazing graphics on our multimedia screen.

Our Hoop dance puts all of our message's together, illustrates our message of Unity as well as our underlining anti-bulling message.

We are also starting to do may more Haudenosaunee Social dance workshops!  Which are great fun, with lots of opportunity to ask questions.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Prince Edward Collegiate Institute

When we rolled into PECI early in the morning on Nov 30 we saw our name in lights and knew that this was going to be a good day.  The school has a pretty nice theatre that we used for the day.  We first did a workshop with the high school students and we were happy to see those same students back for our multimedia show later in the day.

The participation dances went real well.  Both students and staff were eager to get up and try some dancing with us.  

PECI sure knows how to treat you well, we had a lighting Tech and they bought us lunch.  The drive home was interesting as we had our first real snow of year.  Enjoy your last few weeks before the holiday break, I know we will and hopefully your school is one of the ones we are going to be visiting!

Rock Your Moccs Day

About a month ago someone started the National "Rock Your Moccs" Day.  It was something that I believe started on Facebook and quickly spread across the US and Canada.  Everyone was rocking their Moccasins that day to work, appointments, errands, the movies, etc.  I loved seeing all the picture posts people put up showing off their unique footwear.  It was so entertaining because moccasins are very individual so you didn't see the same pair twice.  Seeing all the different types of moccasins was also really cool from the pucker toe eastern woodland style to the fully beaded plains style and everything in-between.  I look forward to this event again next year.  I heard quite a few non-native people were also getting in on the action with their Minnetonka's and other store bought brands and I thought that was really awesome.  What a great way to start off Native American Heritage Month (USA).

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

STAT Conference Day 2

Here are some assorted images from Day 2 at the STAT Conference in Welland ON today.  We had a great time once again.  Students in Welland are so energetic and awesome!

That screen on the stage made me so happy.

It's not often that Derek gets to take the pictures.  I barely look awake.  

Traffic in Welland must be pretty bad because again for the 2nd day we had to hold the show to wait for some buses.  This gives us time to have some fun with the camera.  I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing that most of them didn't turn out.

Jennifer jamming out jingle style.

Brian was checking himself out from the wings.  He was filmed dancing Men's Traditional style a few years ago and incorporated into our multimedia presentation.  

Monday, November 19, 2012

STAT Conference - Welland Centennial SS

November 19 and 20, 2012 we are presenting our "Visions of Turtle Island" show at the STAT Conference in Welland ON.  Student's Taking Action Today is the name of the event and we are very honoured to be a part of it.  

The Keynote Speaker is Wab Kinew.  He is a fantastic speaker and You probably remember him best from his hosting duties on the 8th Fire series on CBC.  You can check out his blog here.  

Jenn caught me taking her picture as she was getting ready.  She had her headphones on and was singing away.  Centennial SS has fabulous dressing rooms in their auditorium.

This is one of those amazing venues where we just have to show up and get dressed in our dance outfits because they are fully equipped.  No slogging gear or searching for power outlets.  A group can get royally spoiled performing at a place like this. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Weather Network from Woodland Cultural Centre

Live from the Woodland Cultural centre "The Weather Network" sent Host Kevin Yarde to take care of the weather and also promote the "Warclubs & Wampum belts"Exhibit on now till Dec. 24.

Yes, Kevin is rocking a traditional Haudenosaunee ribbon shirt & contemporary moccasins.  Kevin was a very willing participant in a short stomp dance.  Since this was live we also had some down time to socialize.

Not sure what Kristen and Jen were chatting about but there is usually laughter to follow.   Ascension and Jacob also waiting to go back on.  They are probably talking about the up coming UFC 154 - St Pierre vs Condit.

Being in front of the camera is nothing new to these guys. 

Janis & Naomi probably talking about work..... lol right?  Anyhow good times.  Janis Monture is the  Executive Director at Woodland Cultural Centre.

Lorrie Gallant is  the W.C.C Education Extension Officer, here she is showing off a corn husk doll she says looks like it could be me as an action figure lol.

The ladies demonstrated Esconye' which is our women's shuffle dance.  The guys took care of the singing, the melody is so catchy Kevin even tried joining in.  Kevin was a great sport,  lots of fun and just wanted try our dances! 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

St. Thomas Aquinas - Aboriginal Studies/Arts Students

We were off to Brampton first thing in the morning to an Arts High school.  We walked in and seen this.

I had a real good feeling that this was going to be special.  The aboriginal studies class and arts classes combined into a one.

The student's positive energy and outgoing attitude speaks volumes about the schools environment.

After the students learned some moves it was time for them to show off their skills!

The ending move for this group was reminiscent of the movie "Bring it on" a newer dance movie.

Great Sing, Dance Workshop.

These students were selling shirts and had awards for Movember.  They are raising awareness and money for prostate cancer.  

Check out these awards for Teachers and Students. For the best moustache  "Don Juan" lol Good stuff!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tom Thompson PS

We were at Tom Thomson school today to do a workshop with the grade 6 students.  The gym was used for the breakfast program just before we started so it smelled so yummy that when we left I had to have breakfast for lunch.

We danced at a wedding reception last month and the bride sent me some photos in an email.  I love being a part of people's special day.  Even if it is only a tiny part it is amazing being surrounded by so much happiness.

Yesterday we were in Trenton and I had tried to tape our performance with my playbook.  I didn't realize until the end that it had gotten bumped and taped a teacher watching the performance.  It was interesting watching her reactions but not something I can post because I'm pretty sure she wouldn't want that.  lol.  I will try again  to tape something I can post when I get a chance.  

Monday, November 5, 2012

Haudenosaunee & Powwow Social Dancing

Highlighting Haudenosaunee dancing is a lot of fun! All ages can participate.  Dances & outfits will all be explained.

Special inquires required for week long residency!

We had a great time at Cedarland P.S. Students learned a lot and had a great time.  Dance class became a class they looked forward to.

Students presented us with a gift of appreciation. Looking forward to our next week long placement.
This saying has become our message going into schools. " Its easier to build strong children than to repair broken men" Fredrick Douglass

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hoop Dance Workshop

We now offer Hoop Dance as a specialty workshop! Great for grade 3 & up!

Our lead instructor has been performing all over the world for more than she would like to say.

A healing dance as well as a storytelling dance! Easy to learn a lifetime to perfect.

Workshops are 60min long with a maximum of 30 students large gym would be best!

Here's a short video clip of "Visions of Turtle Island" multimedia show Hoop Dance

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Children's Film Festival - The Museum

We spent the last three days doing workshops as a part of The Children's Film Festival at The Museum in Kitchener ON.  The Museum itself doesn't have a space for us to do our thing so a gorgeous ballet studio around the corner donated their space.

The acoustics in that studio were so good I'm fairly sure that the offices downstairs must absolutely hate us.  My apologies for getting the kids all riled and up and singing at the top of their lungs.  Ok, no I don't apologize because that's exactly what we wanted.  But I sincerely hope we didn't cause anyone any inconvenience.

I am kicking myself right now however, because I didn't get any photos of the cool Avatar exhibit.  If you are in Kitchener I would suggest you go check it out.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halton Region Museum Eco-Schools

The Halton Region Museum was the venue for our sing dance workshop for these student leaders. These High school students had no idea that they would be singing and dancing first thing in the morning.  Just like we have done hundreds of times before, we warm up, than get right into it with some explanations, than its time for them to sing! Getting these students out of their element is a very good thing.  Not only fun but it empowers them and brings them closer together as a unit.  The second part was the dancing, well after some info on the dances, its time to strut their stuff!  There were a lot of smiling faces, a great way to start the day. I am sure with doing all that they will be able to work together quite nicely.

This may look like a barn from the outside, but what a beautiful venue inside!  I really like the rustic look and the property its on is amazing especially in the fall! Kelso ski area is in front of it!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

First People's Festival 2012

Last week we took part in the First annual First People's Festival at the Region of Waterloo Museum.  We did a family day and three days of school tours.  I thought it was a great festival and was happy to see quite a few people that we had seen at the Plowing Match the week before.  I was pretty glad that we had a completely different program at each festival because that could have been real boring for people to see the same thing twice.  

Derek, Adrian and I all ran our own workshops instead of working together at this festival.  At first I thought it would be awkward but I ended up really enjoying myself.  My workshop area was in a tent down in the pioneer village.  I think we all had a good time and I hope we are involved again next year.  There were so many cool things and workshops to take I don't know how the groups decided which to take.  

Today we were Toronto at Lakeshore CI.  We did a workshop with a group of Lakeshore students and their German exchange students.  I was pleasantly surprised at the participation by all being that it was first thing in the morning after a long weekend.  

We hope you had a relaxing weekend with your friends and family.  We spent it surrounded by family and were incredibly thankful. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

WE DAY Toronto 2012

Amazing, Inspiring, Powerful, Empowering if you haven't been to a WE DAY,  It is a MUST!!

Our youth dancers did a great job performing with Nelly Furtado!

Nelly Furtado was so awesome! She just made everyone in our group feel like they were her best friend!

Tony Duncan and his crew The Yellow Bird Dancers also performed with Nelly, really nice, pleasure to work with!
 From right to left:           Winter, Tony, Beany, Jody

Since I wasn't performing I got to roam around a bit and happen to be lucky enough to get a picture with Spencer West. He only climbed Mount Kilimanjaro!!

The crew also had a chance to chat with our friend Karl Wolf and Jake! Last summer at a show Karl Wolf round danced with us! 

Just a candid pic of Nelly meeting Alaska, Ava & Kristen!

This picture makes me very proud of what can be accomplished with hard work and believing that you can do anything as long as you work hard n believe! 

Special thanks to the Organizers for inviting us! This day has changed all of us! 
Here is the link to the event check it out!