Friday, December 9, 2011

Youth Equity Camp

We felt honoured to be asked to perform as a part of the Youth Equity Camp at the Edgewood Conference Centre in Eden Mills on Thursday.  We are pictured above with Nicole Robinson who always makes sure we have a great experience at her events.  We got there early enough to eat and was that ever a wise move on our part.  I had some of the tastiest chicken on the planet!  

The students made us feel so welcome which makes the show fly by for us.  At the end we had some time to answer some questions to which Britany took as a challenge.  It was all good though she really made my day with her energy.  Lately we have been invited to a few events like this and I always leave feeling so full of hope for the future.  I wish there had been more things like this in my day.  I appreciate all the work the organizers put into things like this.  I hope they get a real sense of accomplishment from it.  (after they sleep for a week. lol.)


  1. You guys were awesome! We were lucky to have you guys come to Edgewood. Thanks for the entertainment. :)

  2. Your very welcome, we were honoured to be asked!! We really enjoyed the questions thats for sure.