Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Waterloo Region District School Board - Youth Equity Leadership Camp

We were honored to be ask to present our  "Visions of Turtle Island" multimedia  presentation to these future leaders.  I can hardly wait to perform.  One of my favorite parts of the shows is getting participants up to do the Cherokee Stomp Dance. This is one of two participation dances.  Our shows are very engaging, we like to have a lot of fun when performing.   This event is Dec 8 at Edgewood Camp and Conference Centre 

Today we were at Pineland P.S in Burlington

When we do these workshops you never know what type of energy from the students your going to get.  These students energy level was probably the highest we have ever seen in a good way.  The students singing level was amazing and they had a lot of skilled dancers and lots of creativity.  Which is really great to work with. Great Job!!

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