Wednesday, October 26, 2011

TheMuseum Kitchener Dance / Sing Workshops for Schools

Naomi warming up before our 4 sing / dance workshops as apart of the Children's Filmfest put on by THEMUSEUM downtown Kitchener.  We were fortunate to be able to use space at a dance studio right around the corner!!!

Derek just being silly " Hey you look familiar" During the workshop he teaches students how to dance, why we dance and where the dance comes from.  Today he is demonstrating Grass Dance.

Adrian doing his thing! Getting students charged up and excited about singing! Students learn 5 main points of interest about singing in this shortened version of our workshop. We only had a total of about 40 mins to do both sing/dance. But we are very versatile.  The students all sang very well and had a great time doing it!

Derek thought he would stretch after he was done, wow those other dancers are flexible lol  Great dance studio.

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