Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dreamwalkers Gathering

Last week was the Dreamwalkers Gathering which is put on by NPAAMB.  We took the students through some basics about The Drum as well as had them dancing with us.  I truly wish they had this sort of thing when I was in High School.  It was awesome to see so many Native Students from all over Southern Ontario over the course of the three days.

During one of workshops we noticed that the students were all looking behind us and when we turned around there was Q-Mack the Keynote speaker had a table balanced on his chin.  I'm talking about a 6' table at that!  I was glad I was able to get him to stand still long enough for this picture.

On Thursday we were at Monsignor Doyle in Cambridge.  I loved all the artwork on the walls of the school.  If I went here I would have been in a chipper mood all the time.  It's hard not to be with all this colour and positive messages surrounding you.


  1. Dear Nomi & Derek,
    Thank you for your great presentation. We were really impressed with all your dances and lessons. We're glad to see that you enjoyed visiting our school and all of our art. Thank you very much.
    From Jade Sierra and Laura.

  2. Hi Ladies, If you are the artists, keep up the good work! I wish I had more time to take photos there was some really cool stuff on your walls.