Friday, September 23, 2011

St John Brebeuf

Today was a really good day. We spent the day at St John Brebeuf School and it was a lot of fun. The school gave us the really cool key chains as a gift.

They will come in really handy, you have nooo idea. Sometimes during a show you just really need some scissors and quick. A bustle may come unstrung right before you have to dance or some fringe might start to fray real bad. These are going to avert some crisis I'm sure.

Yup that is the end of an awesome summer right there. Just a hint of colour. We are off to FDR powwow in New York State later tonight. I hope you have a great weekend planned.


  1. I go to St.John Brebeuf and you guys were really really good

  2. Well thank you very much for saying so. We had a great time at your school. Thanks for having us!