Monday, September 12, 2011

Akwesasne Powwow 2011

We had to choose between staying home and attending the annual Six Nations Fall Fair Powwow or make the 5 hour drive to Akwesasne to go to their powwow. In the end we chose Akwesasne because we hadn't been in years. I am very glad we did because we had a lot of fun.

This is Tasha, she was the Women's Jingle champion this year. What a gorgeous dress! We are so grateful for her mom as she came to our rescue with her AAA card.

I took a workshop once in quillworking. I can truly appreciate the artistry of this spreader.

This was just as the junior girls fancy shawl contest was to begin. I love the look of determination on her face as her mom gives her one last pep talk. This little beauty is the Jr princess in her home community.

This is Devan, he came to visit us in our canopy and shared some really fun coordination games with the kids. Really had them trying to touch their index fingers together over their heads without looking and crazy stuff like that. A lot of laughs for sure.

Akwesasne is an Iroquoian community and therefore the Smoke dance competition was pretty intense. These three guys were in a dance off. After one dance off with 2 songs they were still dead locked so they had to dance off again! You will have to check our youtube channel because I believe Derek posted it there and it is well worth a look. Wooo-eeee these guys can jam out!

On Sunday there was a candy scramble after the tiny tots dance. The first kid out of the pile was Ava with her hands full of candy. The weather was absolutely perfect and my rating for this powwow is an "A". If you get the chance you should go next year.

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