Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Canadian Museum of Civilization

We did a show for a TD Bank function at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau QC last night. As we are not from the Ottawa area, we had a bit of trouble finding our way. Good thing the guys are comfortable in the city and they got us there.

I haven't been to the Museum in quite a few years so I was very excited to be going back. We arrived really early so that we could check it out and be tourists before we had to perform. The stage is so beautiful and to be in that grand hall with the totem poles was a very powerful experience. I was so grateful to be able to dance there.

We are touring Algoma Limestone Catholic High Schools this week. We are having a bah-last and we have to give a shout out to Miss Sargeant at St Theresa's for being so awesome.

Monday, September 26, 2011

FDR Powwow North Eastern Powwow Series Championships

Well I guess the picture kills the surprise. Derek and I won the North Eastern Powwow Series Championships this weekend. We are still dressed in our smoke outfits but we actually won in the Fancy dance category. As much as I love summer I am secretly hoping for it to cool down so I have an excuse to wear my snazzy new jacket.

This is Melia, I hope I spelled that right. She did a presentation at each of the four Redhawk powwows. I have to say I was super impressed with her performances. She is really good at what she does. I am also impressed that she is fluent in her Native language. Beauty and skill I love it!

The men's traditional contest was pretty cool. This would be a hard contest to judge if you ask me because there were so many different styles out there to compare.

The men's fancy contest was kind of strange because during the first round they got the slowest song I had heard in a while. Usually men's fancy gets really super fast songs.

We took Challis with us to the powwow and I felt pretty bad for her because she danced so good but her hairties fell out and that got her disqualified from the first round of contest. She must have placed high in the finals because she still placed.

The men's grass category was really exciting. They got some really jamming fast songs. I enjoyed it a lot.

I often talk about the little things that are good or bad about a powwow and at this powwow the grounds were really nice to dance on. They were the best of all the Redhawk powwows.

I love Samatha's beadwork. I think she did a great job. I think it's really cool that she made her husband's beadwork to match hers.

Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day, almost as beautiful as their smiles.

I was happy that Josephine allowed me to take her picture. I think the Eastern Blanket Dance is very beautiful. I tried it once, it's a lot harder than it looks.

Cliff (pictured here with Derek) did the hoop dance on Saturday. He wouldn't allow anyone to video tape it so I can't share it with you. This is one very talented fellow. At one of the other powwows he did the polynesian fire dance.

Charles was the Overall Series Champion as he accumulated the most points over all four powwows this summer. He also took second place in the Men's memorial traditional special on Sunday.

Josh is the Men's grass winner this weekend. Josh told Derek that when they became facebook friends people were asking if they were brothers. Now that you mention it, they do look a lot alike.

It was a great weekend and I am sorry to see the summer end. I look forward to next year and I hear the series is going to be longer. We look forward to seeing you at a powwow or in your school.

Friday, September 23, 2011

St John Brebeuf

Today was a really good day. We spent the day at St John Brebeuf School and it was a lot of fun. The school gave us the really cool key chains as a gift.

They will come in really handy, you have nooo idea. Sometimes during a show you just really need some scissors and quick. A bustle may come unstrung right before you have to dance or some fringe might start to fray real bad. These are going to avert some crisis I'm sure.

Yup that is the end of an awesome summer right there. Just a hint of colour. We are off to FDR powwow in New York State later tonight. I hope you have a great weekend planned.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Programming update and a Pass Giveaway Contest!

Check out this awesome blog about the upcoming ImagineNative Film Festival. You can even win free passes! We are all soooo excited to be able to take part in this. So, for serious, come and check it out!

The opening of the Festival sees "A Tribe Called Red" and I am really looking forward to checking this out. I have been hearing good things about them.

Monday, September 19, 2011

TheSpec - Giving to the water; a sharing time at Six Nations

TheSpec - Giving to the water; a sharing time at Six Nations

We had such a good time taking part in this event. I have been trying to go to this conference as a participant for years so being able to take part as a presenter was almost as much fun. You couldn't have asked for a better day for it. The centre pieces on the tables were very pretty and all in all I gave this event a total thumbs up.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

International Farm Writers

We will be performing at this event on Saturday at 3:30pm, come on by and say hi!

Last night we performed during the opening reception for the International Agricultural Writers Association at the Delta Hotel in Guelph. These super cute milk cartons were part of the center pieces placed through out the venue.

The performance went well, I did however discover that hoop dancing in low light on a highly patterned rug makes me sea sick.

This weekend is Apple Fest in St. George ON. We aren't performing there but I am looking forward to attending on Sunday.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Native Appropriations: Oh, (Miss) Canada.

I follow a few blogs and one of my favourites posted this about a recent Beauty Pageant. I felt it important to share it with you.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Akwesasne Powwow 2011

We had to choose between staying home and attending the annual Six Nations Fall Fair Powwow or make the 5 hour drive to Akwesasne to go to their powwow. In the end we chose Akwesasne because we hadn't been in years. I am very glad we did because we had a lot of fun.

This is Tasha, she was the Women's Jingle champion this year. What a gorgeous dress! We are so grateful for her mom as she came to our rescue with her AAA card.

I took a workshop once in quillworking. I can truly appreciate the artistry of this spreader.

This was just as the junior girls fancy shawl contest was to begin. I love the look of determination on her face as her mom gives her one last pep talk. This little beauty is the Jr princess in her home community.

This is Devan, he came to visit us in our canopy and shared some really fun coordination games with the kids. Really had them trying to touch their index fingers together over their heads without looking and crazy stuff like that. A lot of laughs for sure.

Akwesasne is an Iroquoian community and therefore the Smoke dance competition was pretty intense. These three guys were in a dance off. After one dance off with 2 songs they were still dead locked so they had to dance off again! You will have to check our youtube channel because I believe Derek posted it there and it is well worth a look. Wooo-eeee these guys can jam out!

On Sunday there was a candy scramble after the tiny tots dance. The first kid out of the pile was Ava with her hands full of candy. The weather was absolutely perfect and my rating for this powwow is an "A". If you get the chance you should go next year.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Moraviantown Powwow videos

These are both from the Exhibition round on Saturday Afternoon at Bucktown Powwow.

Brantwood Centre

We helped Perry celebrate his 60th birthday today. I was so pleased to be able to be a part of his special day. They had a really nice looking cake with a motorcycle on it.

I hope everyone is enjoying the nice cool weather and having the kids back in school.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Moraviantown Powwow

It has been a few years since we have been to this powwow. I liked the fact that it was pretty close. All the way there we debated whether to go or not because there were severe weather watches but in the end we only got just a few tiny droplets of rain during the event itself.

The grounds are very pretty and it seems they have done some work on the arena itself because the grounds were very nice to dance on.

I was pretty happy with my contests this weekend. I loved that we got Eagle Flight to sing both our songs on Sunday.

We were happy to see the Ridgeways at this powwow. We have been seeing them a lot this summer out East.

powwow buddies

Derek took first this weekend. He was shocked when he heard his name called. He has put a lot of time in on his outfit over this summer. He is constantly making changes and improvements.

These action shots are all from our exhibition round on Saturday afternoon. It was very very hot and muggy. There was a vendor selling giant freezies. That was the best!

We had a choice of 3 different powwows to go to this weekend. Originally we were all set to go to Shinnecock in the Hamptons but when we found out it was four days long that nixed it for us. The kids go back to school on Tuesday and they need at least one day to chill out before they start their new year.

I love Charlene's top. The whole thing is fully beaded and very detailed. The coolest part is that the sleeves are removable.

Tribal Vision was well represented in the fancy category. Yes, Adrian does dance. You may not know it from our shows but yes he does.

The age categories were a bit different than usual here and Cheyenne was sent back to teens. She won as she is an amazing dancer. She floats across the ground.

We look forward to seeing everyone at Akwesasne Powwow this coming weekend.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Booking for Schools has begun...

We received this package in the mail yesterday from a school we visited last year. The notes and pictures were soooo cute. We held a raffle for a free workshop and this was the school that won. We plan to have another raffle so I will post details as the time gets closer. Enjoy your last few days of freedom before school people. Have a safe and enjoyable long weekend.