Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wikwemikong powwow 2011

This years powwow was a lot of fun. There were a lot of special contests that we were able to compete in. Derek and I both entered the All around contest. This involves the dancers competeing in each of the dance styles and their combined points determining the winner. The powwow started with us in the Traditional portion of the contest.

It was really warm so it was hard to keep clothes on little Adriel all wkd. He was however up for some fun with tape. lol.

Of course all that tape fun put him out for quite a while.

One of the specials was a powwow siblings team dance. I didn't realize until minutes before the contest that you didn't have to be blood related so I didn't have a team or a routine but Jen and I entered it anyway. We didn't make the cut but pictured above is the winning team of Challis and Taneesha who are really sisters.

The grass and jingle portions of the all around were run on Sunday afternoon. I really enjoyed it as did Derek. I forgot to get any pictures of myself.

Adrian also took part in the all around special. He borrowed Luke's grass outfit and someone else's beadwork. That is the funny part of all arounds, watching people scramble to borrow outfits to take part.

A group from Australia provided some entertainment during the dinner breaks. I had never seen any dances from australia before so that was pretty exciting. I think my favourite is the berry picking dance because the song is pretty catchy.

We took the ferry over to Manitoulin Island to take part in the powwow. I think that the ferry looks like a shark swallowing all the cars. lol.

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