Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shakopee Powwow

Kristen at Mall of America with Woody and her neon slushy

The kids are all watching Ava contest on Saturday afternoon.

Talon jamming out on Saturday afternoon.

When we first arrived at Mall of America in front of Lego land.

Jenmee dancing hard for the people on Saturday afternoon.

Gavin dancing in the Jr Boys grass competition. I think he got fifth place.

Everett was in the second group. There were so many dancers this weekend, it was awesome!

With Dora at MOA.

The girls at the camp. They all had sooo much fun. All of our canopies together looked like a longhouse. lol.

Ava doing her thing on Saturday afternoon.

Here is video from the Sr Men's fancy contest on Sunday from Shakopee Minnesota Powwow. Derek is jamming beside one of his favourite dancers, Spike Draper. I will be adding more video later today. I hope everyone had as awesome a weekend as I had.

Our next purchase will be an HD video camera so that these videos will be easier to watch.

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