Thursday, August 18, 2011

Peel's Aboriginal Celebration

Yesterday's performance at the Region of Peel's offices was really fun. We were expecting people to come and go throughout the show because of where we were located but most people seemed to stick around and we LOVE that.

As you can see it was quite windy up on the terrace so that kept things cool. When I was hoop dancing in my mind I pictured one of my hoops flying right over the railing down into the parking lot.

Kristen danced so good even in the wind. I like this picture because she looked like she was flying.

I was taking these pictures with my phone and it lags quite a bit and every picture I tried to get both guys didn't work. Boo.

Poor Ava's feathers looked they were gonna snap in the wind. She danced really well. I can't believe that dress is almost too small on her already. Good thing this season is almost over.

We appreciated the gift bags we received, Ava is already sporting her new T-shirt today. We are busy packing up for our trip out to Minnesota for Shakopee powwow this weekend. We have to perform this afternoon at the Woodland Cultural Centre then we are hitting the road!

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