Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer is ending...

So today we went back to school shopping for the kids. They have exactly one week before they start a brand new fresh year. Excitement is mounting in our house. This summer has flown by and I have totally enjoyed being home and having all kinds of time with them.

On another note we are also getting ready for a new year. We have made some changes to our show and we are looking forward to sharing them. We can't wait to get back to visiting schools. Give us a call or email us if you are interested in finding out more about what we have to offer.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kelsey's fundraiser

My cousin Kelsey has been battling a brain tumour for almost a year now. We will be holding a pig roast fundraiser for her on September 10, 2011. If you are local to us, come and support it.

Shakopee Powwow

Kristen at Mall of America with Woody and her neon slushy

The kids are all watching Ava contest on Saturday afternoon.

Talon jamming out on Saturday afternoon.

When we first arrived at Mall of America in front of Lego land.

Jenmee dancing hard for the people on Saturday afternoon.

Gavin dancing in the Jr Boys grass competition. I think he got fifth place.

Everett was in the second group. There were so many dancers this weekend, it was awesome!

With Dora at MOA.

The girls at the camp. They all had sooo much fun. All of our canopies together looked like a longhouse. lol.

Ava doing her thing on Saturday afternoon.

Here is video from the Sr Men's fancy contest on Sunday from Shakopee Minnesota Powwow. Derek is jamming beside one of his favourite dancers, Spike Draper. I will be adding more video later today. I hope everyone had as awesome a weekend as I had.

Our next purchase will be an HD video camera so that these videos will be easier to watch.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Peel's Aboriginal Celebration

Yesterday's performance at the Region of Peel's offices was really fun. We were expecting people to come and go throughout the show because of where we were located but most people seemed to stick around and we LOVE that.

As you can see it was quite windy up on the terrace so that kept things cool. When I was hoop dancing in my mind I pictured one of my hoops flying right over the railing down into the parking lot.

Kristen danced so good even in the wind. I like this picture because she looked like she was flying.

I was taking these pictures with my phone and it lags quite a bit and every picture I tried to get both guys didn't work. Boo.

Poor Ava's feathers looked they were gonna snap in the wind. She danced really well. I can't believe that dress is almost too small on her already. Good thing this season is almost over.

We appreciated the gift bags we received, Ava is already sporting her new T-shirt today. We are busy packing up for our trip out to Minnesota for Shakopee powwow this weekend. We have to perform this afternoon at the Woodland Cultural Centre then we are hitting the road!

Friday, August 12, 2011

video from Bear Mountain powwow

Men's Fancy at Bear Mountain

Women's Fancy

a few snippets of the kids contests and smoke dance

Monday, August 8, 2011

Bear Mountain powwow

We have finally returned home after another fun powwow weekend. We attended the Bear Mountain gathering in Harriman NY and the best part about it is that all six of us went. It is so rare lately that all of us get to go. Someone either has to work or has a sporting event or friends birthday party. I love having everyone along when it does get to happen.

Derek and I were honoured to be asked to be Head dancers on Saturday. The powwow was rained out quite early so we served again on Sunday. The storm held off right until awards were called. It was great that we got through the powwow but packing up the canopy in lightning is not fun.

The powwow is part of a series put on by the Red Hawk Native American Arts Council. They always have great entertainment at their events. The picture above is one of the birds from the birds of prey presentation. I hope we are able to get to the last one of the series which will be at FDR park at the end of September.

I am in the process of editing some video from the wkd. I will put it up here soon to make up for the lack of photos.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wikwemikong powwow 2011

This years powwow was a lot of fun. There were a lot of special contests that we were able to compete in. Derek and I both entered the All around contest. This involves the dancers competeing in each of the dance styles and their combined points determining the winner. The powwow started with us in the Traditional portion of the contest.

It was really warm so it was hard to keep clothes on little Adriel all wkd. He was however up for some fun with tape. lol.

Of course all that tape fun put him out for quite a while.

One of the specials was a powwow siblings team dance. I didn't realize until minutes before the contest that you didn't have to be blood related so I didn't have a team or a routine but Jen and I entered it anyway. We didn't make the cut but pictured above is the winning team of Challis and Taneesha who are really sisters.

The grass and jingle portions of the all around were run on Sunday afternoon. I really enjoyed it as did Derek. I forgot to get any pictures of myself.

Adrian also took part in the all around special. He borrowed Luke's grass outfit and someone else's beadwork. That is the funny part of all arounds, watching people scramble to borrow outfits to take part.

A group from Australia provided some entertainment during the dinner breaks. I had never seen any dances from australia before so that was pretty exciting. I think my favourite is the berry picking dance because the song is pretty catchy.

We took the ferry over to Manitoulin Island to take part in the powwow. I think that the ferry looks like a shark swallowing all the cars. lol.