Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sussex NJ powwow and The Jersey Shore

We attended the 2nd of the series of 4 powwows sponsored by the Redhawk Native American Arts Council this past weekend. This one was held at the Sussex County Fairgrounds in New Jersey. We had a great time because this powwow is pretty laid back. Derek and I were honoured to serve as Head Dancers on Saturday. The weather was really nice for dancing as it was sunny with a breeze all weekend. We have been on a roll with great powwow weather this year!

On Monday we took the kids to see the statue of Liberty.

I had been there many years ago and thought if you got there early enough you could climb up to the crown. Well things have really changed over the years and now there is all kinds of airport type security and you have to have booked waaaaay in advance if you want to go to the crown. Oh well next time I guess.

The Jersey Shore is a guilty pleasure for Derek and I so we had to go and check it out while we were in New Jersey. I wish we had more time to spend because the beach was gorgeous and the amusement park looked like fun. The kids aren't allowed to watch this show so they were pretty confused as to why we wanted a picture in front of this particular store or why that beach house had all those lights and security people around. Yeah, I am so not ready for them to be aware of that lifestyle just yet.

I'm off to sew, sew, sew as there is only a couple of days until the next powwow which for us will be in Tipton, PA. Have a great day, it's beautiful out.

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