Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sarnia Powwow

The 50th Annual Sarnia Powwow was this weekend. Derek and I went and I have to say this was the best weather for a powwow I attended in years. Because it was the 50th annual there were quite a few fun special contests. Pictured above is the winner of the duct tape contest. The participants had to make their outfits out of duct tape. I thought his was very creative and if I was more talented I would have tried it out. Derek and I entered the switch dance. This involves switching outfits with someone of the opposite sex and trying to do their style of dance. Neither of us made the finals but we had a great time. Sadly, no photos.

Derek has new bustles and this was the first weekend he got to wear them. We stayed up late on Friday night adding new ribbon fringe to his outfit so that everything would match. I think it was worth all the effort because it looks great!

I was pretty excited to win the smoke dance special. The MC for the powwow was Bill Crouse and he is one of my favourite singers. It is always fun to jam out when he sings. I hope everyone had a great father's day weekend.

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