Monday, June 6, 2011

Gateway to Nations Powwow in Brooklyn NY

I wanted to start off this post by saying that we had the very best time at the Redhawk Native American Arts Council sponsored Gateway to Nations Powwow. The vibe was so chill there with the whole festival going on besides just the powwow. It was so awesome that I think you should check them out here for more info on the other powwows and events that they have going on throughout the summer.

Yes, all of these pictures are from our short visit to Times Square on our way home. The powwow was held at the Gateway National Park. In the park is the Floyd Bennett Aviator Sports complex that the kids fell in love with. It had 2 arenas, indoor soccer, gymnastics, rock climbing, flight simulators, basketball court and an arcade.

Ava scrambled up the rock wall so quickly and she was able to climb the highest of all three kids. I knew she was a bit of monkey but I had no idea that she could outdo the other two.

We were so fortunate this weekend that each of us placed well at the powwow. I was so proud of the kids accomplishments because each did something new and did it really well. I honestly can't believe how fast they grow up.

The Redhawk Arts Council will be putting on 3 more powwows in the NYC area over the summer with the FDR powwow being the finals where points accumulated from all 4 are tallied and an overall champion in each Adult category will be announced. Well, Derek and I are off to a good start as we are on the board with some points. I hope we are able to get to at least 2 more of these and do well.

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