Friday, May 27, 2011

Limestone School Board mini tour

So on our way home we stopped in Tyendinaga for gas and as we cruised passed this store I had to snap a pic of their sign. Nice.

So we made our way to Verona for our first day and did a multimedia show and 2 workshops. It was super cool because the Principal got lunch for us. I am always fascinated by the different dynamics in schools we visit. It's almost like the whole building has an energy. Some are sooo laid back while others are just frenetic.

On the second day we were at Frontenac PS. This school is in an older building and even though that is cool and all because of the character, having the gym on the second floor really sucks for us. We have a lot of equipment that we have to haul up there. The Principal at this school got us Swiss Chalet for lunch so all was well. All the hauling worked it off. It was an interesting day, on one hand Adrian's Mom had a scare as the tornado sirens were going off in her city while on the other, the participation level from Teachers, the Principal and a Board Representative in our workshop was astounding.

As interested as we were in that we were very worried and once we heard all was well we could then appreciate how great our day went.

This mural was near the entrance to the gym. There was also a cool mural painted on the tarvia in the playground but I didn't have my camera when I went by.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn on the waterfront and I have to say, I wasn't impressed. I was however impressed with my Derek's feats of strength.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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